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       Traning People to see abuse and violence

trough a Biblical Worldview


        Ana Mafra is a student of the Doctoral of Ministry (emphasis in Global Engagement) at South Florida Bible College and Seminar, and a Comunity Psychologist for 20 years. Holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Brazil), a Bachelor of Psychology (Brazil), and a Specialization in Historical-Cultural Theory (Brazil). Ana worked for over 15 years as a Clinical Psycologist and as a University Professor in Brazil. 

       In 2019 she founded the DoHope International as a way to respond God's calling to help Christian Organizations to care for cases of sexual abuse, violence and sexual exploitation. This non-profit organization provides training/material to equip Churches and Schools to prevent sexual harassment, domestic violence, and human trafficking. They also provides resources to help Imigrant Churches to better understant US laws on abuse and violence. 

       On 2021 Ana received The Dr. Joseph Guadagnino Chancellor's Award for her work in the prevention on Sex Trafficking. 

      She is a Member of the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) and an Associate Member of the American Psychology Association (APA). 

Ana Mafra is married to Marcel Mafra and together they have two sons. She is a member of Parkridge Church in Coral Springs - Florida.

Meet Ana Carolina Peck Mafra

Founder of DoHope International


Our Team of Volunteers

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Thiago Peck

Environmental Engineer - Brazil

Responsible for field actions planning in Brazil.

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Nathalia Bittencourt

Attorney - Brazil

Responsible for cases involving Brazilian citizens

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Rosania Amaral

Clinical Psychologist - Brazil

Responsible for AfterCare of Brazilian Citizens

Our Partneers

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