Ana Mafra is a student of the Doctoral of Ministry (emphasis in Global Engagement) at South Florida Bible College and Seminary and is finishing her Master in Biblical Studies. She has more than 15 years of experience in Social and Clinical Psychology. She has also a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Brazil), a Bachelor of Psychology (Brazil), and a Specialization in Historical-Cultural Theory (Brazil). She worked for over ten years as a University Professor in Brazil, Ana Mafra was a speaker at many nonprofit organizations, in themes related to sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

     Because of her calling to help and rescue people that are marginalized by society, Ana Mafra founded DoHope International, a nonprofit organization that has the main goal to prevent issues related to Human Trafficking in the US.

     She is certified in the area and is ready to help in this fight. 

Meet Ana Carolina Mafra

Founder of DoHope International

Our Team of Volunteers

Thiago Peck

Environmental Engineer - Brazil

Responsible for field actions planning in Brazil.

Nathalia Bittencourt

Attorney - Brazil

Responsible for cases involving Brazilian citizens

Rosania Amaral

Clinical Psychologist - Brazil

Responsible for AfterCare of Brazilian Citizens

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